How to Save Time with Marketing Tasks and Activities

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Written by Katrina M. RandallMay 30, 2017

Whether you are an executive of a large company or raising a family, most people often feel their lives are busy. Business owners are even more so. That’s why marketing automation software and practices are an ideal way to help organize the hectic schedule that comes with marketing your business.

Saving Time on Marketing Tasks through Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a tool that when done right, creates an efficient workflow that overall will actually helpSave time with marketing tasks and activities. To break it down, marketing automation is software and practices that help you organize all your data into one place so that you can easily streamline your marketing activities. 

Marketing automation can help with email marketing, campaign management, lead management, scoring, analytics, and social media management, and it also allows you to nurture your leads and integrate customer relationship management (CRM).

Automating just social media alone can save you up to six hours a week, reported While making sure to speak to your buyer persona in the correct stage of their journey, social automated services like Hootsuite, Buffer, and HubSpot allow you to manage your social media profiles and schedule posts so you can send well-thought out content while enticing new leads in the process.

Meanwhile, HubSpot reported that B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales pipeline contribution by an average of 10 percent. With efficiency comes time saved plus an increase in ROI. broke down the time savings in three ways:

  • Optimizing Time: By organizing clients and buyer personas, the software allows your employees to choose which ones to focus on, making it so more can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

  • Creative Time: Through the automation of manual tasks and campaigns, you will now have more time to put your energy into creative time, which also gives employees more overall job satisfaction.

  • Lead Time: The overall efficiency makes it so that you will also save time on how long it takes a lead to become a client for you to ultimately delight.

While you want to keep that personal touch when corresponding with a buyer persona, responding to each and every one takes away from time spent creating new content and nurturing existing clients. Automated software can allow you to create automated email workflows that are personalized while allowing you the room to focus on more immediate tasks. lists the top marketing automation software services available.

The list of benefits marketing automation can provide is long and the stats that prove it works and improves ROI are telling. Of course, there is a wrong way to automate that may give you short-term benefits. But if you’re in this for the long haul, putting in the work will pay off by saving you time and maximizing your marketing efforts while allowing you to cultivate relationships.


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