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Written by Katrina M. RandallMarch 20, 2017

Creating a marketing strategy around your buyer persona is key to a successful marketing strategy. Keep in mind that when looking for ways to attract more customers, these 10 components of inbound marketing strategy can help generate the relationships you’re hoping to create and build.


1. Content

There’s a reason content is king. Every social post, every email, white paper, ebook, and YouTube video comes back to content. A vital element of content for businesses to draw awareness to their brand is through the art of the blog. Being an authority in your industry and providing good, consistent, educational content helps your brand in search engine rankings, which ultimately draws in new visitors. But blogging isn’t only a part of those initial steps in the buy persona’s journey. Blog content can also be targeted at personas in the consideration stage and the final decision stage.


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content of course leads us to SEO. Through the use of keywords and phrases placed throughout your content in meaningful and relevant ways, your content will shine in search engine results. Good content will also more likely get you backlinks, which are when other sites link back to your site. This ultimately gives your brand more authority, giving you higher preference in rankings. Think of search engine traffic as the road to attract more customers, and content the fule.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

3. Optimizing Pages

Landing pages, whether it’s the home page or a blog post that a visitor landed on through a hyperlink, should be optimized to draw the persona in. This is all a part of creating a great user experience. Some of the qualities for optimized pages include making content easy to read through the use of bullet pointes, bold headings, short paragraphs, and white space. Graphics should be clear and relevant to the page’s content. Making your site easy to navigate is also important. Nothing deters visitors more than a site that is hard to navigate or too dense with content. Don’t forget that optimization also means making sure your site’s pages have been augmented for mobile devices as well. A happy visitor is one who stays and becomes a lead to be nurtured.


4. Calls to Action

Once you have drawn a buyer persona to your site or content, it’s a great opportunity to make sure you’ve implemented calls to action. These can be in the form of contact information, relevant subscription forms, or links to where they can download a guide that helps them with a problem. Placed in the right location, CTAs can be a great way to entice people from consideration to decision.


5. Email Marketing

Email is a direct way to reach buyer personas and current customers with targeted, personalized content and services that are specific to the segmented group you are trying to reach. No spamming allowed here. When done right, email is a highly effective way to get your message out to the right people.


6. Social Media

While it would be nice if creating good content was enough, often amplifying your message is necessary. Social media doesn’t just allow for you to tweet, post, or Instagram your content to many people in one fell swoop, it also gives you the chance to connect with your buyer personas and find out more about them through their own social media use. Find out which platform appeals to your buyer persona the most and utilize it to promote, analyze, and connect.


7. Professional Networking

Never underestimate the power of networking. Whether it’s in person or online, networking is a time-honored method of spreading the word about a business’ services and making connections with other people in your industry. Social sites like LinkedIn allow you to join professional groups and ask questions, share solutions, and connect. Facebook also has many dedicated groups to industries and professions.

Professional Networking for Sales and Marketing

8. Event Marketing

By developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation that promotes your product, service, or message, you can push in-person connections even further. These types of events can be held offline as well as in an online forum. Current and potential customers can attend a fun live event and businesses can maximize those connections.



9. Nurturing Leads

According to Marketo, companies that do well nurturing leads generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost. This includes scoring leads based on a buyer persona’s level of engagement and allows you to calculate which buyer needs to be nurtured immediately and which ones can be nurtured later down the sales funnel. Aligning sales and marketing nurturing lead efforts has paid off as well. Hubspot reported that 89 percent of companies that do so have reported increases in the number of sales opportunities generated.


10. CRM + Marketing Automation

Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software help you to manage customer interactions and marketing date all in one place. Both improve how you do business and allow for further targeted communications, helpful analysis, and serve to help you cultivate relationships.


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